01. My arm is [sore] from where I was hit with the ball.
02. He is a [sore] loser, so no one likes to play with him.
03. Her eyes were [sore] and red from trying to read in the dark.
04. Cathy's finger is still [sore] from where she squished it in the car door.
05. The [soreness] after my operation lasted for over a month.
06. If your gums are [sore] or bleeding, see your dentist immediately.
07. Everybody had a [sore] throat from breathing in cigarette smoke in the bar all evening.
08. My daughter has [sores] all over her arms from scratching her mosquito bites.
09. No one would kiss him on New Year's Eve because he had a big [sore] on his lip.
10. She was horrified when she developed [sores] on her genitals after having unprotected sex with a guy she met in a nightclub.
11. The children were [sorely] disappointed when their grandparents phoned to say they couldn't come to their school picnic.
12. Bob is an excellent salesman, and will be [sorely] missed when he retires.
13. My car is [sorely] in need of repairs, but I just can't afford to do them right now.
14. Putting ice on your ankle will help to reduce the [soreness] and swelling.
15. My girlfriend is [sore] at me for forgetting her birthday.
16. In medieval Europe, powdered gold was mixed into drinks to comfort [sore] limbs.
17. Napoleon was often shown with his hand inside his jacket because he had [sores] on his stomach that he often scratched until they bled.
18. Katherine Whitehorn once said that a good listener is a good talker with a [sore] throat.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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